Toothache Pain Treatment

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About Toothache:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), tooth pain results when the body is harbouring excess heat or when the flow of energy is inhibited along the meridians that lead to the mouth. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment depends on the cause and type of pain. Basically, dull toothache pain indicates an underlying deficiency in the body, while intense, throbbing pain indicates an excessive condition. Toothaches often come from to much heat in the body - a common cause of the excessive type of toothache. Excessive heat is usually due to too much hot, spicy, fried, sweet food, alcohol and coffee. Over time the heat builds and rises to affect your head, but it manifests differently in each of us - some people get toothaches, others get headaches or facial acne or other "hot" type problems affecting the head.

Toothache Treatment

Examination of your pulse and tongue, along with general health and lifestyle questions will be asked during consultation. We then implement personalized and customized treatment plans to address all of your unique needs.

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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatment for Toothache differential diagnosis:

Toothache due to stomach fire

Main manifestations: Severe toothache accompanied by foul breath, thirst, constipation, hard swollen gums, red gums with pain, even the pain transfers to cheek and affects chewing. Accumulated heat in the stomach and intestines results in constipation. upward steaming of the stomach fire to the gum along the meridians results hard swollen gums , severe toothache and foul breath. Thirst is due to the exhaustion of body fluid by heat. Tongue: Yellow coating, Pulse: Rapid, flooding.

Toothache due to wind-fire

Main manifestations: Acute toothache with gingival swelling accompanied by chills and fever Qi and blood stagnation obstructing in the meridians due to invasion of the pathogenic wind, fire or toxin and turns into fire. Then occurs the toothache with gingival swelling. There is no caries in teeth, gums are not red without affecting cheek. When the exogenous pathogenic factors struggle against the body resistance in the muscles and skins, there are chills and fever as exterior symptoms. Tongue: Thin white coat, Pulse: Superficial and rapid.

Toothache due to Kidney Yin deficiency

Main manifestations: Dull pain off and on, loose teeth, unable to bite, dry mouth, red throat, fatigue. The kidney controls bones and the teeth are the odds and ends of the bones. Deficient kidney yin (cold) energy results in poor immunity in the mouth, weak teeth and gums. The state fails to keep the teeth strong, so they are loose. Flaring up of the asthenic fire leads to dull pain. Since nothing is accumulated in the stomach, there is no foul breath. Thready, rapid pulse and reddened tongue are due to heat caused by yin deficiency. Tongue: Red body, Pulse: deep-weak-thread-rapid.